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On 4th July, All Churches, Markets And Businesses Should Be Closed Down In Ghana (Opinion)

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Following the increase in cases of Coronavirus pandemic across Ghana ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Ghana, the Federal government of Ghana previously restricted the functioning of Businesses, Operation of Churches and Markets and some businesses Within the country.

In other to curtail the widespread of the pandemic, the Federal government had to suspend most activities across the nation, prior to the time it will be managed. The same government had to reopen Businesses, Churches and Markets.

Following the reopening of Churches as the government had announced earlier, statistics proved that the number of the confirmed cases has increased in number.

In my humble opinion and view I will suggest that since the number of confirmed cases has increased,let all Churches, Markets, Businesses be closed down again, so as to help curtail the widespread of the pandemic.

It is high time Churches and Mosque will closed down totally till further notice. This move will help the country in contain and curtail the widespread of the pandemic. Instead of having a gathering, Churches and Mosque should be having their fellowship in an Online platform.

What's your view on this. Do you stand with me on this or you think is not proper.

Drop your opinion on the comment Box and please kindly share let's get people's view on this?

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Top Comments
GUEST_Gg0ran76X · 06/30/2020
if the reopening of churches and mosques are a treat, then all political activities must also be suspended as well.
HelenVorodam_01 · 06/30/2020
hmmmm the one hour church service and the five hours voter registration which of them can spread the virus?
FreedomNumaworse · 06/30/2020
foolish talk, demons talk satan talk, what is wrong with u?.
asamojames74 · 06/30/2020
akufo addo is planning for his reelection he don't think of anybody in this country even if the whole nation will be infected and Nana akufo addo is still president he likes

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