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"Don't use pills again" Follow these Natural steps to avoid Unwanted Pregnancy.

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We have different reasons on making certain decisions, avoidance of getting pregnant could be base of adapting to family planning that is, you already close the chapter of giving birth. Or possibly for pleasure sake, that is trying to satisfy each other in a relationship.

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Whatever the reason maybe this article is here to give you exploration on the easy and no after effect steps to take to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Below are the natural steps that could help you avoid unwanted pregnancy.

1. Use start stop method

Using start and stop method or called withdrawal method can tremendously safe you from getting pregnant. The male plays the major role in this step.

2. During your safe period

It's very safe to copulate during your safe period which is when you ain't on ovulation period which is always two weeks before the period. This could help when you see a fertility expert to track your ovulation period.

3. Cervical Discharge

Cervical discharge is the production of a transparent, jelly like discharge in the days leading up to ovulation. Abstaining from sex during this period could help from getting unwanted pregnancy. Like and share to enlighten and save others from using wrong devices to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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