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Watch: The moment Liverpool players found out they were 2019/2020 premier league champions [Video]

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Every football or premier league fan will admit Liverpool have been fantastic and ahead of the park all season. They were bulldozing teams left and right and it was only a matter of when they will claim the title not if. Then covid-19 happened. It threw a wrench in their plans and dreams. For weeks Liverpool had no idea if they will be confirmed as winners or get to finish the season as champions.

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About 5 weeks ago we seriously started hearing about project restart and many football fans were unsure of that. Then around that time Germany resumed Bundesliga, Spain followed not long after that and then the insatiable premier league was back. Liverpool knew they only needed to win two games to be crowned champions but when they drew away to Everton and City won against Arsenal, they knew it will be delayed for a little bit more.

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Liverpool did win at home against Crystal Palace but they were still two points short. They needed Man City to draw or lose at Chelsea to be confirmed as champions or worse win or draw against the Man City themselves to be crowned kings of England. The players however were keen on watching the Chelsea - Man City game. After all they were their next opponent so watching them play is always advisable.

The game started like any other and there were chances throughout the game. Chelsea took theirs first and soon they were 1 goal up. Liverpool players began to dream that this was their night. After all they were gathered in watching the match at their hotel. Kevin De Bruyne who has been wonderful all season scored from a brilliant freekick which pinned the Liverpool players back to their seat. Willian’s penalty which made it 2-1 in favor of Chelsea was celebrated and rightly so.

When there were a few more seconds for the referee to whistle the players counted down and at the sound of the referee’s whistle they rejoiced as if they were Chelsea fans. I guess they were for the night. Because it meant they could secure their title that night. They jubilated knowing they have become the first team in premier league history to win the premier league title with 7 games to spare but also the first team to win it so late in the year (June). Below is a video of how the players found out and reacted to being premier league champions. Liverpool is champions of England for the first time in 30 years.


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