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Here's what to do when she says “I have a boyfriend.”

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Guys get this sentence thrown at them more often than not, especially from hot girls. What does it mean when a girl says she has a boyfriend? What do you when a woman throws such a statement at you bluntly? Let’s explore how to handle this awkward situation and possibly turn it around for good.

Now, when a woman says she has a boyfriend, it can mean many different things. Let’s consider the popular possibilities.


Either she really doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she simply doesn’t feel attracted to you, and wants to reject you without hurting your feelings.

She DOES have a boyfriend, and she’s loyal to him.

She DOES have a boyfriend, and she’s loyal to him but she’s open to having sex with you.

She DOES have a boyfriend, but she’s open to giving you a chance of winning her away from him.

She DOESN’T have a boyfriend, but she just wants to look like she does.


First of all, when a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, it means you showed much interest in her too soon, which may not necessarily be a bad thing but it’s not entirely great. Sometimes, when a woman doesn’t like how you look or how you sound, she throws the statement at you to plainly tell you she isn’t interested. As a matured guy, read the signs and learn to move away if she is not interested. Do not allow her to humiliate and disgrace you just because you like her.

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However, more often than not, the I have a boyfriend statement is just a test to see how far you are willing to go. Women naturally like daring men and it would be exciting for her to see you even dare to win her heart. Judging by the way she made the statement, try pushing a bit further and make her kind of interested. You can begin by subtly making her laugh and let her feel relaxed. You can then tell her you do not mind that she has a boyfriend and in fact, you would “steal” her from her guy. This makes the whole thing fun and not awkward.


Sometimes, do not give up easily. If she is not brushing you off or clearly making signs that she isn’t interested, make a move. Tell her you would like to talk more next time and even add a funny comment or two about her supposed boyfriend. This would make her think about you a bit and make her look forward to your next meeting.



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Top Comments
SamuelOfosu · 06/26/2020
kwasia if it is u dat i took away ur girlfriend will u be happy with me.pls u must stop dat nonsense.
GUEST_YRDb8RqEy · 06/25/2020
it's not necessarily if she says she has a boyfriend, just try and be a gentle guy and leave her alone, my opinion
+233-24481**** · 06/25/2020
Should you even has to follow her if she has a boyfriend? just walk away period
Fontomfrom · 06/25/2020
I don't understand this article at all Walk away if she has a boyfriend that's all

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