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"The show is about to begin" - Daniel Duncan-Williams.

Osai 06/25/2020

Recently, Daniel Duncan-Williams, son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has returned to Twitter, assuring his followers to be ready for more of his foolishness.

This was included in his latest tweets on Tuesday after he apologised to his father for recently disgracing him on social media by posting naked and obscene videos of himself on social media.

It recalled that, in early June, Daniel, surprisingly released his own naked video which also contained his sexual escapades with different women on social media.

In one of the videos, he was having an affair with two girls who were naked in a pool with him.

He was arrested and was taken to a hospital for psychiatric examination. His father issued a press statement earlier indicating that he had been battling an acute bipolar disorder for the past six years.

However, he seemed to have made a U-turn on his apology on Tuesday, June 23 as he tweeted to register his displeasure with how he was arrested the very day he got famous.

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