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John Dumelo finally addresses V8 saga.

Hello_world 06/24/2020

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John Dumelo Finally Addresses ‘V8 Saga’ .

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John Dumelo, Ghanaian actor now turned politician  has finally opened up about a ‘V8 saga’ he once had with the ruling government of Ghana.

John Dumelo speaking about the ‘V8 saga’, John Dumelo revealed in a recent interview that he eventually had to pay for another V8 vehicle from the same company.

The vehicle named purchased by John Dumelo, V8 was eventually claimed by the ruling government of Ghana after a little while and then he finally ‘added’ some money to the same company to get a new vehicle.

The politician, John Dumelo revealed that he sprayed the vehicle in a different color, which according to the politician , John Dumelo was the right thing to do at that time, although John Dumelo hadn’t finished paying for the vehicle.

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