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Morning News update : Voter registration exercise could lead to mass COVID-19 deaths – Doctors warn

Israelwrites 06/25/2020

A gathering of health care professionals have called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to reconsider the June 30 voter registration exercise which they believe could lead to mass COVID-19 infections and likely deaths in the country.

The gathering, comprised of more than 100 clinical specialists, medical attendants, lab experts and other partnered human services work force, say the effectively stressed social insurance offices would not have the option to deal with the cases that would rise because of the mass exercise. 

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Or maybe, the gathering needs the EC to consider a procedure that will limit mass assembling and advance the standards of social removing just as the conventions set up by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

A letter dated Wednesday, June 24 and routed to the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs Jean Mensah, the gathering said as opposed to holding a mass enrollment work out, the EC ought to rather direct a unique enlistment for people who have as of late achieved casting a ballot age since that would present lower dangers. 

"In our view, given that the current biometric register has been utilized effectively to direct critical number of decisions including two presidential and parliamentary races, two District Assembly races since 2012 and a choice by your outfit in 2018 to make six new areas, we think that its conceivable that equivalent register will get the job done for our looming races. The individuals who have as of late accomplished democratic age can be obliged in an uncommon enlistment practice with much lower hazards because of the less numbers," the letter said.

Source: opera.com
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