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Kennedy Agyapong Should Be Arrested Immediately If Laws Work In Ghana

B.O.A. 06/24/2020

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I very well know that, this article I am about to write will attract a chunk of insults from the followers and loyalists of the Member of Parliament of Assin Central or lemme say the President and Jesus Christ of Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong.

But I careless of what you say to be, because I know there are few Ghanaians who would side with me on this notion.

Yes I am a firm believer of justice for all, and I believe the Honorable member and law maker of Assin Central should be behind bars or let me say should be in police custody for questioning.

I am also a believer of "what is good for the goose is also good for the gander", reason I believe Kennedy Agyapong should also be invited for questioning.

You are probably confused or either doesn't know where I am coming from, Well let me make it easy or you to understand my rants.

We were in this country when the police arrested the General overseer and founder of International God's Way Church Bishop Daniel Obinim based on the accusations Hon. Kennedy Agyapong leveled against him.

Yes I get that the police were doing their work as the accusations and revelations of Kennedy Agyapong were very sensitive and dangerous so he needed to be arrested .

We are also in this country when his supposed drug addict baby mama of Kennedy Agyapong, Moira Dawson Williams yesterday accused the lawmaker of being a drug lord who introduced, drugged and impregnated her when she was still a student.

Moira clearly stated that, Kennedy through a barber lured her into his house, drugged her and later impregnated her.

Most people would probably say there is no truth in what the lady is saying and that she is not even sound in the mind.

But let me tell you, the woman is very sound, you are just refusing to believe her just because you are blinded by the love you have for Kennedy Agyapong and the political spectacles you are wearing.

Fast forward last night the baby mama also came out to say Kennedy Agyapong and his friend raped her at age 21 when she visited him at his house upon his invite.

Drug abuse and rape are very serious crime in this country and other countries, and it has been 24 hours the lady came out with these accusations, but nothing has been heard from the Ghana Police service or whatsover.

If it was someone else I am positive the narrative would have changed. But since it is Kennedy Agyapong no one is even coughing about it.

Instead the Ghana Police service has invited someone who used a fake number plate for her car. How is that even a major problem over rape allegations?

We were here when musician Darko Vibes was invited for questioning when a lady accused him of rape on social media, but today Kennedy Agyapong's baby mama is accusing him of being a drug lord and a rapist and nothing has been done.

I am asking, is Kennedy Agyapong above the laws of the country? If no one is above the law like we are made to believe, then Kennedy should be called in or picked up by the Ghana police for questioning.

All insults and comments are welcomed. I am done!

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+2×3-5×33×xxx · 06/24/2020
Kennedy is never above the law. Moira Dawson Williams need to make an official report to the police. Many knows much about the Jesus Christ of Assin. Kennedy is reaping what he sowed. He thought Moira how to use wee for tea and now your daughter is graduated in cocaine and you claim not to understand. He ruined the life of somebody's daughter. Kennedy to say the truth most of his children are on drug. Moira dare him to have DNA with all his children and they will know who is on drug and who is truly his child. Why is Kennedy not responding to the DNA ? Kennedy must face the woman and come out clean. People support Kennedy while he keep rolling in his wealth and they remain paupers. The keep supporting him on empty stomach. He keep building mansions when they sleep in the ghettos and gutters. His supporters are............ Let them complete the sentences by themselves. All they know is insults and aggressive lies
+233-054590**** · 06/24/2020
there is no sense in your article Kk.where is the woman evidence please Mr writer u can't confuse nor convince all of us.Mr Kennedy comes with evidence with everything so please go and come again
RazakMohammedStevegh · 06/24/2020
my dearest writer please what you saying is 100..% true but GHANA POLICE for you, they have already been bought by Kennedy Agyepong 1 ghc. "ki tua bea sua" as we use say Ghana police are so cheap, so so cheap that if you give them just 1 ghc. they forget about the laws of the country bro.
PatriciaAppiah_01 · 06/24/2020
You are right. it seems the lawmaker is above the law. someone threaten to kill someone and he was arrested but when this lawmaker threatened the life of Ahmed Shale and true to his words the guy was shot and killed, and this lawmaker is walking free.

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