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If You Have Nightmares Read This To Calm Yourself Down.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Dreams are psychological, many people relate their dreams to spirituality and things heavily to cause depression, when there is no knowledge associated to understanding a dream. Since dreams are associated to what goes on the brain, then we have no way to relate them to spiritual forces because our brain is not spirit.

Our nightmares becomes reality, with the faith we get from fear, since biblically faith does everything.

Here are some things to cool you down whenever you have a nightmare.

1. Dreams normally occur with conditions, lets imagine you having all the fun you wish you could have with a life partner, a friend or a family member, what will be your dream when you go to bed that day?

This condition, has to do with the things we long for or wish to get in life. So probably you are going to have a dream about something you wish for.

2. Dreams that are unpleasant. These are the dreams people normally associate them to spiritual attacks, but here is the thing,these dreams are ones that tells us the kind of pain or sorrow we are get ready for not necessarily going to buy spiritual waters and the rest. Here is an example..

You had a dream, and you were having sexual intercourse with someone ; this has to do with physical means telling you that you are having a disorder with you sexuality, so when someone comes your way and later doesn't show up it has nothing to do with spiritual marriage, but then solve your problem with your sexual organ. Analyze This.

The other part is, when you have a dream associated with pain or sorrow, its implication is to be aware of a situation associated with that pain but not what you actually saw in your dream.

3. The last condition is things that happen around us everyday in our community, we normally dream of things that do happen around us.

In a nutshell, we have to be vigilant, and know that even the Bible says dreams comes from the many businesses of man.

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