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The Rich Man I Struggled To Woo Was A Wizard

Glady-B 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I went to the Beach in the company of members of Great Vision Club of Wen.It was a holiday fun day. We had lots of fun. We ate and drank. All was well.

While we walked along the beach, we saw many gentlemen of different stands who were at various tables alone .At their sight we did everything possible to catch their attention.

Sure ,one of them beckoned us to join them. With smiles on our faces we joined them. They were three and we were also three. On reaching where they were, I could tell who amongst them was rich. I rushed to his side and made every effort to sustain his attention.

In no time the conversation became one man one lady. Finally, they proposed we spent the night with them. We left the Club members behind and went with these strangers. I was feeling blessed.

In the night when all enjoyment was over, I tried to catch some sleep. Around 12midnight some whirlwind blew in the room. I woke up from sleep to see a figure at the corner of the room. It was hairy and scary. I tried to wake my man up but he was not on the bed. Fear gripped me the more.

For some time the figure patrolled the room. I couldn't shout, I just kept closing and opening my eyes. At one moment the figure vanished. Then my man came from the Bathroom with a polythene bag which he kept in the Wardrobe.

He jumped into the bed and slept like a baby. I sat through the rest of the night. Early morning he took money and gave it to me without talking. He waved me bye.

He never asked for my name nor phone number neither did he give me his.

Fear of the figure still haunts me. Yes he used me .Can he harm me what shall I do.?

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