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Check out who a real man is

Ereal_news 06/24/2020

Most of the guys or men think or call themselves "men" or "real men" simply because they have got six packs,they are dating or sleeping with numerous ladies. They go to the night club,drink their heads off,force their self on women and also beat them. Some also think being a real man is having everything you want,cars, mansion,fame and what have you.

Well,guess what? You can have everything,have the right to do anything and still you can't be qualified as a real man.

See who a real man is

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1. A real man never gossips or talk to his friends about the numerous girls or ladies he has had sex with besides his wife or girlfriend. The cheating and adultery are disgusting,clear sign that you are not a man.

2. A real man is loyal and loving to one woman,yes, just one woman. He does not need "eight women around him twerking".

3. A real man protects his woman. He does not hit her or hurt her.

4. A real man has courage. He is not afraid of taking the risk for the sake of his wife,kids,even his family in general or the country as a whole.

5. A real man helps and protects other people in need. He does not express or say "it is not my problem".

6. A real man is honest and respectful to others. He has honor and integrity.

7. A real man does not misuse his strength,he does not lose temper and attack others.

8. A real man is confident. He knows what he stands for and stands firm.

9. A real man is compassionate. He feels for others,he never exploits helpless person's weakness.

10. A real man has moral and ideology. He never flip-flops like politicians,lol

A strong man is a real man and a real man is a good man.

So now,my "men",tell me. Do you qualify to be a man? Do you possess the above. Leave your comments below.

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