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"We Know More About This Case Than You Do"- Supreme Court Throws Out IMANI Et Al


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Policy Tink Tanks, IMANI Africa, ASEPA and other CSOs wrote to the Supreme Court to offer information, expertise or insight that has a bearing on the pending case between the NDC & Mr. Takyi-Banson versus the Attorney General and Electoral Commission(EC). 

But the apex court today threw out the "Friend of the Court" or Amicus Curiae plea of the Civil society organizations(CSOs).

An "Amicus Curiae" in law, is an impartial adviser to a court of law in a particular case.

JSC Paul Baffoe Bonnie, a member of the panel stated that, the bench has enough knowledge of the case and further questioned the neutrality of the CSOs;

“We know more about this case more than you do. This case affects legal the community as well…you are not a friend of the court you are a friend of one party. You are not neutral,” he stated.

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Chief Justice Anin Yeboah dismissed the writ of IMANI et al. on the matter;

“The need for an amicus brief is not supported by law, we have therefore dismissed the application for the CSOs on the amicus brief" Justice Anin Yeboah stated.

Boss of IMANI Africa, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe, has expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling.

Opposition party NDC sued Ghana's EC on the exclusion of the old voters ID card and birth certificate as requirement for a new voters ID card.

Mr. Takyi-Banson is also challenging the locus of the EC to compile an entire voters register etc.The supreme court is expected to make a pronouncement on the matter tomorrow.

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Top Comments
AtsuTsutsu · 06/24/2020
It's glare to note that Baffoe Bonnie is really a true activist of NPP with his reply to IMANI. No wonder he was elevated just to increase the number of yehyeh to vote in favour of NPP cases. The Apex Court is full of spirit of control but to twist any case to favour a party will bring a curse.
+233-54480**** · 06/24/2020
Empty vessel makes unnecessary noise. Franklin cudjoe talks too much. NOW YIU SEE YOUR REAL SIZE. NDC and their allies talk meanwhile they keep losing all their cases in court.why
+233-24195**** · 06/24/2020
Shame unto Amicus Curies. The battle is still the Lord's
+233-20206**** · 06/24/2020
JM is coming

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