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Burundi’s new president reduces ministers from 23 to 15

HansbeckJnr 06/29/2020

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Ministers are ceremonially appointed by the President , on the advice of the president . The allocation and organisation of portfolios for secretaries of state is decided by the president , and is published online. Ministers can be chosen from either the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

Ministers are chosen for a range of reason as a reward, to build allies, to signal a shift in policy or, sometimes, on assessment of objective performance. The appointment process of junior ministers has been criticised as “random and arbitrary”.

Sometimes presidents make changes to the structure of government departments. This can change the portfolio of ministers, even in departments which do not change. The case here in Burundi is different, the cabinet which has been reduced from 23 to 15 includes two officials sanctioned by the US and the EU.

Mr Ndayishimiye’s cabinet is made up of a president and 15 members. The main responsibility of the cabinet currently is to turn around the country’s economy, security and improve the with its neighboring countries especially Rwanda . Burundi's top diplomat to the UN Albert Shingiro has been appointed the foreign affairs minister.

While a former police chief Gervais Ndirakobuca has been named the minister for interior and security.

Mr Ndirakobuca and Prime Minister Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni were sanctioned by the US and EU for their suspected role in violence and human rights violations during unrest in 2015; when the then president, the late Pierre Nkurunziza, pushed for a third term.

The president also maintained Thaddée Ndikumana as health minister even though many have criticised the previous administration’s style of handling the coronavirus pandemic in Burundi.

Five women have been appointed to lead the ministries of justice, labour, trade, and tourism, social affairs and human rights, and communication.

Source: opera.com
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