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Main Reason's Why you should mind how you treat people.

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Human beings are born to change , so how we treat them today may affect us tomorrow . They say " No one was born a thief but society makes them so " . So the fact that someone isn't good or "perfect" according to our definitions isn't enough for us to treat them badly . People most act according to their personal beliefs, culture , and mostly the information that they have been fed with . So if they act differently or strangely from how we do act, it doesn't give us the license to I'll treat them . Also , the fact that someone cannot afford certain things because of their financial status doesn't give us the license to look down upon them .Let try to give everyone the needed support, time and encouragement to help them become a better version of themselves . Don't wait until they struggle through life and make it before we lament and say had I known, because it's always at last

Someone once said that " If the 'I' in mental illness is replaced with 'We' it becomes wellness .

Here are few people who were look down upon because of their status but became graet people in their respective societies .

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The former President of the Republic of Ghana ; His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffuor is said to have been laughed upon whenever he told his colleagues he would be the president of Ghana ,due to his physical status but he indeed became what he dreamt of being . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Another Person is the His Excellency the Late Prof Evans Fiffi Attah Mills , the subsequent president after John Agyekum Kuffuor. He also faced the same humiliation due to financial status during his early years of life . One woman once said if she knew Prof Mills would be president he would have given her ultimate help to support him in school , but then it was too late .

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The likes of Benjamin Carson (Been Carson) , who faced academic challenges during early years in school . No one knew a dormant and academically depressant person like him during his early years of education could be one of the World's best neurologist scientist .

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Among them is Myles Munroe , Dead but his impact in the life of many great people we have today cannot be overlooked . Myles Munroe was seen as mentally retarded, half breed monkey and one who can't be educated by a teacher by name Mr Robertson who's life came to be transformed by one of Myles Munroe's books .

This teacher then wrote a book entitled , I never knew such a student was in my class .

So you don't know who the person who are treating badly or illy today or perhaps may become tomorrow.

I believe most great people have been lost in society because of how we regarded them and saw them to be in their early stage , they didn't have the courage like others to defeat the odds said about them . But let do well to build the remaining for tomorrow .

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