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The Player who was sacked by His Club for Posting Photos And Videos on Instagram With His Girlfriend

FootballHouseNews 06/25/2020

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Sometimes people get into trouble for all the wrong reasons. So, is the case and story of this young player on loan in Vitoria de Setubal in Portugal. 

Players normally get into trouble on the pitch. But not this particular footballer. 

Roma player Mirko Antonucci was sent packing back to Italy from Portugal after his activities on social was discovered by the club. The club thought this wasn't good enough for someone who has taken football as a profession and deserves the sack. 

Mirko doesn't just play football but he is also a fashionista on social media, especially on Instagram, you will see him with his girl friend in different clothes styles, kissing and enjoying themselves. 

This second life of Mirko is obviously influenced by his girlfriend who is a model and fashion influencer. 

The club immediately terminated his loan contract when they discovered his videos and photos on instagram. 

His girl friend is called Ginevra Lambruschi. Now that he is sacked, I think he might take up a full time job at his girl friend's agency as a model. 

What do you think? Did the club do the right thing or you think they overstepped their borders? 

Let's get chatting my friends. 

Source: opera.com
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