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Bad news: Nigerian House of representatives reject the apology from the government of Ghana.

Jaradmoxley20 06/25/2020

The demolition of the Nigerian high commission office in Ghana seems to be sparking some disagreements between the two countries. The building was demolished by some unknown Ghanaian soliders, but the army has come out to give their final judgement on this case regarding the demolition of the building. So this made the president and it's executives apologise to the Nigerian government but the house of representatives in the Nigerian parliament has refused the apology from the government of Ghana. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

As both countries are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic let see if things would be placed behind us.Could this be the end of the friendship this country has with Nigeria or is there going to be another xenophobic attacks in this countries. The president has assured the Nigerians that he would investgate into the matter because they the government are not involved.

Let's see the outcomes of these issue.

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