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Food Of The Akan Ethnic Group In Ghana(3tor)

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Ghana is blessed with over 100 ethnic groups in the country. Within this ethnic groups we have about 5 main ones. Each ethnic group have a particular way they like their cuisine and different way to prepare food.

To begin with I’ll start with the Akan Ethnic Group . The Akan is the largest subgroup of people in Ghana with about 47.5 of it population in Ghana.


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It is a simple concoction made of mashed yams or plantains, which is compulsorily served along with hard-boiled eggs. It is not only eaten by the Akans , it is also eaten by the Ga. 3tor is usually eaten in earthen ware known as “asanka” . It is normally serve when there’s a festival like naming ceremony , or dipo rites in the Ga community.

Eggs are really important since they serve a big role in the Ghanaian society .

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1. Yam 

2. Plantain 

3. Egg

4. Onions 

5. Groundnut 

6. Palm oil 

7. Salt 

8. Pepper 

9. Avocado (Optional )


1. Peel and cut the yam into any shape of your choice .

2. Wash the cut yam and put it in a sauce pan . 

3. Add water and salt to the sauce pan and bring the yam to boil.

4. Check whether the yam is cooked ( This can be done by either tasting a slice of it or by checking the softness of it ).

5. Drain the water .

6. Put the cooked yam in your earthen ware (asanka) and crush it.

7. Get a clean sauce pan and add your palm oil in it.

8. Bring to heat under a medium temperature .

9. Pour your onions ,and stir till they turn golden brown.

10. After about 5 mins add your onion with the palm oil to the mashed yam and mix it together 

11. Cook your eggs 

12. Peel the egg and place it in the mashed yam.

13. Cut your avocados and place it in the mashed yam.

14. You can add your groundnut to garnish it.

15. Voila your food is ready 

This food can be eaten alone . 

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You should note that 3tor can be serve to sick people when they are back from the hospital . It is also offered to the gods to thank them , but theirs have no pepper or salt .

There will be another article on the rest of the main ethnic groups.

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