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Vivian Jill Gets Married In A Beautiful Ceremony

einsteinnews 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Wonderful Ghanaian entertainer Vivian Jill Lawrence has gotten hitched in a lovely conventional service and fans can't resist the urge to panic about it. 

In other words,Beautiful Ghanaian actress Vivian Jill Lawrence has gotten married in a beautiful traditional ceremony and fans cannot keep calm about it.

Taking to her Instagram page she shared videos and pictures of herself with a man who had on the same cloth as her believed to be her partner.

During th ceremony Vivian Jill and Mr Daud made an interesting video showing their happiness as couples in a video and posted it on Instagram

Taking to her Instagram page she imparted recordings and pictures of herself to a man who had on a similar fabric as her accepted to be her accomplice. 

Inscribing the video she expressed her adoration for her accomplice distinguished as Mr Daud. Both Vivian and her significant other glanced dazzling in their outfits.

See the video below:


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