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Health benefits of Miracle King Grass

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King Grass

The Miracle King Grass locally known as "Goatweed' is one of the most precious plants here on earth. It is known in part of the Akan land as 'Guakuru'. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It has a variety of health benefits. Fortunately, it is very common in Ghana, Nigeria and some other west Africa countries.

1. Good for HEAD ACHE. Few leaves and buds can be eaten or juice made out of it and drank.

2. When squeeze, the liquid gotten can be used for BACK and ABDOMINAL PAIN, just rub and massage on the painful area and also drink some liquid made of it. It helps when there is a painful swelling. Just drink and apply on it.

3. It is also believed to work against Hernia ( Personally, I can't guarantee that because I haven't researched on it).

4. It help babies to be strong and walk faster. Rub or massage baby's joints with the leaves of king grass 3 days interval. It works miracle I have used on my children and both walked in less than 10 months.

5. Excellent for COUGH in Children. Add a pinch of salt to make it more effective.

6. Taken as enema("pump") to treat FEVER in children. Also bath children with boiled leaves or get enough of fresh miracle king grass and smash in water and use to bath the child.

7. Whenever there is a SORE THROAT, drink juice made from squeezing the miracle King Grass.

8. Research indicates the king grass facilitate delivery. Grind king grass with little ginger. Sieve and use the juice as enema regularly in the last month of pregnancy and at the beginning of labour.

9. Applying few drops of the juice or liquid gotten as a results of squeezing the King Grass to an eye suffering from CONJUNCTIVITIS and "Apollo". 

10. Has aphrodisiac properties, thus boosting LIBIDO. Squeeze king grass to obtain enough juice and add 1 tablespoon of honey and drink at once.

11. Very good of Ceased menstruation and other MENSTRUAL problems. Drink few days to your period and even on your period.

12. Works against GREY HAIR and HAIR TREATMENT. Take tea as enema and apply fresh juice on hair/head and massage well.

13. It ward off bad energies or evil spirits

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BlakkShepherd_01 · 07/3/2020
for fever and eye problem including malaria
BuzzlifeGist · 07/1/2020
I can guarantee for the menstrual pain.
GUEST_5Gyb1Vk8W · 10/5/2020
thanks but can you blend
+234-0817548**** · 09/22/2020
pls help us with the picture of it I don't know it thanks.

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