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Is this Water or Droplets of Semen: A Husband Cries out As His Wife Defends Her Action

NanakwakuAsiedu 06/24/2020

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Infidelity in marriages is an issue that brakes the heart of any of the couples that becomes a victim. According to the scriptures, infidelity is the only act that can bring divorce in a marriage, and even if you still love your partner you can forgive and continue living with him or her.

Infidelity in marriages can be traced from the onset of the relationship, the baseline on which the marriage was established. Some marry because of looks, wealth, sexual satisfaction to mention but a few. These factors have a great influence on marriages and needs to be looked at by church counselors during marriage processes.

Whenever we have issues we go to our religious leaders for assistance because they are ordained to interpret or reveal what is hidden in the spiritual world to us. Well, that is what some believes in; We never associate evil to them, they are seen as a replica of the most highest by some religious groups.

A man who has married his wife for the past seven years consulted his pastor for assistance due to their childlessness. The pastor gave them a direction to do for one week, after the direction the Pastor arranged for prayer session to held in the house of the couple with the women. They commenced the prayers sessions with the intention of delivering their bedroom from any evil attack or witches who destroys the sperms of the man during sexual intercourse. Immediately the man goes to work the Pastor comes around to pray with the woman. The man never suspected anything because he comes home without seeing any signs, it just that sometimes his wife feels tried to have sex with him.

One faithful day, he came home without calling the wife to inform her of his coming; he arrived and the wife wasn't around. He enters the bedroom and saw some signs on the bed looking like a dried semen. He immediately called the wife to know her whereabouts; the woman told him she is escorting the pastor to board a car at the roadside.

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Upon interrogation, after his wife returned home, she said it was water. After, several arguments the lady is still claiming it is water. After, he discussed with a friend at work the following day after showing him the pictures he took; upon the advice by his friend, he came home early that day form work to pick the bed-sheet to conduct a test, but as he reached home he saw the bed-sheet washed and dried on the line. He has no evidence, to justify his claims but he is still not satisfied with the answer he got from the wife.

So does this looks like water or dried droplets of semen? He doesn't know how to confront the Pastor. As a Christian, you cannot consult the Oracle for vindication or to ascertain the truth as the pagan's do. At least, it would have been easier to arrive at the truth. He is now left with no choice than to continue with the marriage but still depressed. He didn't catch her in the act and the bed-sheet has been washed. In my opinion, he didn't act fast, he would have taken the bed-sheet right away for further investigations.

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What's your view or perception about this? Can he further ascertain the truth with pictures at the court as he is thinking of divorce?  

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Top Comments
+260-95417**** · 06/25/2020
Fake news.
MbumMusah_02 · 06/25/2020
He is a fool, should have taken the bedsheets immediately to the lab
GUEST_b8lBeaE8r · 06/25/2020
he is stupid. he has given his wife to the pastor
+260-97760**** · 06/25/2020
Water does it stain bedsheets, I wonder ooh

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