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My heart bleeds for Ghana – Tracey Boakye emotionally says

MustaphaLive 06/25/2020

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Entrepreneur, actress and movie producer Tracey Boakye has listed some of the negative things Ghanaians goes that pisses her off.

According to her she's tired of a country where the progressing of a woman is a bad idea to other.

She stated that, all they can tell or ask a woman who is making it in life is how many men did you slept with and they also believe that every luxury property that's owned by a woman was given to her by her sugar daddy.

Tracey Boakye proceeded that, Ghanaians celebrates the dead more the living.

Ghanaians celebrated ex man of God Apraku My Daughter after he died more than when he was alive.

The some thing happened to the late Ebony of RuffTown records. She received a lot of jabs from her colleagues in the music industry but they celebrated her like no one ever talked about her.

She concluded that, she always bleed for Ghanaian because Ghanaian don't mind pulling his brother in other to climb.


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Source: opera.com
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