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When a DNA Test Reveals Child Isn't Yours it Doesn't Mean Your Wife Cheated, This is What Happened

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Dear Ghanian Men,

When DNA testing indicates that a child is not yours, it is NOT yours.

Never lean on the "baby turn" when a woman comes up with the convenient lie. Give her to the test of motherhood.

She cheated on you, because the baby's DNA does not match her DNA, which is NOT a sex turn.

Just like the paternity test to prove a child's paternity, the motherhood test is also conducted to prove a child's maternity.

Unless the DNA of a child doesn't suit a man, the man isn't the father.

Yet she fooled him if the DNA of the child matched the mother. This is straightforward.

In a regular hospital, baby switches are extremely hard. Categorically, I must say that.

I know that our reasonings have been impaired, but with the exception that the baby was born in a manger, "Baby turn" is almost impossible in a regular hospital, 99,999 percent of the time.

Yet if it was "a baby turn" for argument, how would DNA outcomes look?

The DNA of the baby will not match the "mother" or "father" in a true baby switch – because they are NOT the true parents.

But this person ought to explain if DNA matches any of them.

I know many of you hate the truth and would like ridicule explanations such as an imaginary "baby switch" when problems of paternity fraud arise, but facts are the facts.

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