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Final Year Students of All Junior High Schools (JHS) resume on Monday

Erofsa 06/28/2020

The final year students of all Junior High Schools (JHS) across the length and breadth of the country are preparing to resume school and assume their regular academic activities as they prepare for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE).

The first batch of students to reopen school were the final year students of all public and private tertiary institutions. 

The tertiary institutions resumed on Monday, May 15, 2020 for all final year students of both public and private universities to continue from where they left off in the academic journey of their last semester. They are supposed to spend ten weeks before completion. They will use six weeks for studies and four weeks for examination.

The next batch were the final year students of all public and private second cycle institutions, and SHS 2 gold track students. They reopened on Monday, June 21, 2020.

The SHS 3 students will spend six weeks for studies and five weeks for the first ever national WASSCE.

Finally, the last batch, which is the JHS 3 students will reopen on Monday, June 29, 2020.

They will spend eleven weeks on studies and one week to write the BECE.

The BECE will commence on Monday, 14th September, 2020 and end on Friday, 18th September,2020.

As both teachers and students prepare to go back to school on Monday, I believe it is very expedient to refresh their memories on the enacted social and health protocols to guide all their activities on their various school compounds.

Below is a list of the protocols they must strictly comply with.

1. Disinfection and fumigation of the classrooms and the school compound.

2. Provision of hand washing facilities.

3. Wearing of washable and reusable facemask for both teachers and students.

4. Mapping of all schools to health facilities.

5. No mass or social gathering including morning and closing assemblies, religious activities and sports activities.

6. No selling of food on the school compound.

7. No visitors allowed for boarding schools.

8. All classes to be split. No more than 30 students in a class.

9. No break outside the classroom.

10. Schools should have enhance daily health protocols.

Please adhere to these protocols strictly to ensure the safety and protection of both teachers and students of your school.

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