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The NDC Should Focus On How To Win The 2020 Election But Not The Closure Of Borders

YusifAmin 06/29/2020

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The Communicators of the National Democratic Congress are criticizing the ruling New Patriotic Party on how they have strengthen the security force at the boarders Volta region. The communicators suggest that the government should allow the Ghanaians who are living in Togo to come and take part in the coming voters registration exercise. My question is, why is the NDC only interested in the opening of the Togo boarder?

The presence of the military personnel in Ketu South is to reduce the number of foreigners into the country and prevent COVID-19 infiltrators from entering the country through unapproved routes but the flag-bearer of the NDC claim government has intentionally deploy military officers to only Volta region with intention to of intimidating Voltarians ahead of the upcoming voters registration exercise.

Even though the residents of Ketu South in the Volta region have argued over the heavy presence of soldiers in the constituency making them feel uncomfortable but I think it is not the responsibility of the political party as a whole to talk about this issue.

On the other hand, a leading member of the NPP, KT Hammond in his view said the presence of the military in Ketu South is to insure only Ghanaians who have the constitutional right to vote are made to register and subsequently vote in the December 7 election. Members of the elephant family suggest that the NDC have plan to register non Ghanaians that's why they are still making noise over the issue.

Every Ghanaian knows that security forces have been deployed to all exist and entry points in the country and that of Ketu South is not an exception. Immigration officers and military personnel have been put at vantage points to protect the country.

It is about few month to election so if the NDC thinks that they can win the election, they should not worry about the closure of boarders.

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Top Comments
AwalGybrim · 06/29/2020
Good one. Allow the tyrants and remain focused. These Professional Talented Thieves must be out of power December 2020
GUEST_43752MQWn · 06/29/2020
That's true

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