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Artiste Privacy Disclosure Isn’t A Necessity - Mishasha Revealed

NankweHassan 06/28/2020

Once you are in the limelight, everything you do becomes of public importance.

From what you do to entertain yourself, your favorite meal or even the football club you support will always come under scrutiny by the public.

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Artistes do not fall short of this as they are always asked questions about their private life and it goes deeper as to who they share their private bed with. 

Female artistes have come under pressure for sometime now as to disclosing whom they are dating and mostly there is the assertion that they are dating their managers.

Female artiste Mishasha shares a different opinion as to privacy. With her, she feels that artistes need to have a private life by keeping certain things about not out of public eyes. 

In an interview, she made this statement in response to a question about how some Celebrities disclose their relationship status and other private stuffs in general public.

“Inasmuch as someone is out there being a celebrity doing what they do, people feel their life is supposed to 100% exposure, no it’s not so.

Being out there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have Artiste Privacy Disclosure, That Isn’t A Necessity - Mishasha a private life. It’s the mentality out there which is causing all of this.” 

She however, added that being an artiste is mainly about the musical aspect of it, so there should be more focus on her artistic side which shows more of her talent rather than her personal life.

“If I decide to reveal it, then it’s fine but it should look and feel like a necessity or without it being known, things can’t go well for me”, Mishasha concluded with. 

The female Afro dance-hall artiste released a new single Informal Bae which celebrates soldiers for the wonderful work they are doing. Check out the video below here:


Source: opera.com
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Remixone · 06/28/2020
Just learnt my lessons here... Gudus
GhanaSongs · 06/28/2020
Wow... That's true my dear

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