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Important Prayers:Say These Prayers Before Starting Your day

hopelineblogs 06/25/2020

Here is another new day and we are grateful to God for the gift of life and good health. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

It is by Grace that you are alive today.Just imagine those who died this year and even this month alone.Some of those people, you may not be greater than in life but you still have the gift of life.How is your spiritual life? Do you still have time to pray for yourself and your family?.Start spending your time reading the Word Of God and praying too.

Here Are The Prayer Topics For Today

1.Thank God especially for the gift of life and protection over these years.Thank God for protecting every member of your family.In fact its a good to news to live with every member of your family without any bad news.

2.Pray against all forms of temptations that the devil tempts you with.Ask Jesus to come and reign in your life in order to do His Will.For it is only by this that the devil will not make the attempt of tricking you.

3.Commit your day and your work into the hands of the Lord. Ask Him to take absolute control because he makes everything under His control perfect.

4.Believe that all your prayers are being answered.This is because, it is only by Faith that you receive your expectations from God.Believe!

Now that you are done with your prayers,meditate on this memory verse Romans 12:6-7

Have a nice day and may this day end with great things.

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Amen. Thanks
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