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The Confession of Ama Born Again , The Lady Who Took Nigel Gaisie To Zambia for Powers

ezekielmelchisedec 06/25/2020

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The heat is on, " THE SEAT " the popular TV show on NET 2 hosted by Kwaku Anane, where Kennedy Agyapong, the parliamentary member for Assin-Fosu central constituency is exposing the evil deeds of some false prophets in the nation Ghana is getting more interesting as the story unfolds with many evidential proofs .

The honourable has laid his finger on prophet Nigel Gaisie,the founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, whom the MP has labelled as a quack man of God. Among the allegations levelled against Nigel Gaisie, is the fact that he went to Zambia for satanic powers to perform miracles.

Kennedy Agyapong aka Akonpreko promised to produce evidence, and to attest to his claims against Nigel. True to his word she brought a lady who came in person to confess her mischievous acts with prophet Nigel Gaisie.

The lady whose name was given as Ama Born Again, claimed to have done so many evil in voodoo, juju, occultism among other things. She said now she is born again, and that she has come to confess her misdeeds.

According to this lady she introduced Nigel Gaisie to a powerful Malam in Zambia, and this Malam was the one who initiated the prophet and gave him power to perform miracles through a ring that was given to him .The instructions given to Nigel Gaisie was that he has to sleep with a woman any time he is about to go and minister in a church service .

In the process of the intercourse he has to inset his finger with the ring into the private part of the lady while licking the ring .According to Ama Born Again this will give him more prophetic insight in the service, to the extent he could mention telephone numbers of people.

Ama also claimed that prophet Nigel owns her certain amount of money that he is refusing to pay .The lady confessed using juju and voodoo to do so much evil for people who come to her for spiritual assistance, including destroying people's destiny .

She also said, apart from Nigel Gaisie, she has assisted many other false prophets who wanted power to be initiated into satanism , including Prophet Akwasi Sarpong ( Bilibilibili ) and many others.

However, Ama Born Again said she gave her life to Christ in a fateful day when he heard a knock on her door without seeing anybody. She later heard a voice that introduced himself as the Lord Jesus, and promptly the Lord Jesus Christ told her that she has been doing the wrong thing, and that what she is doing is not what God has Called her to do .

According to her that encounter with Christ made her born-again. By the way she is set to come again on the " The Seat " show and expose more misdeeds of the devil and the false prophets.

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KayLex · 06/25/2020
Gambia not Zambia

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