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B.E.C.E: English language examination

Ghanababe 2d

English language practice questions for candidates preparing for an examination

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1.  Nagging doesn't work. You should try and cut _____ it.



    back on

    up to


2.  I know I was supposed to stay serious, but I couldn't help ______ .

    to laugh


    with laughing


3. All the surviors have been ______ for.





4.  My grandmother used to make her children _____ up their beds every morning.


    to make

    to do



5. Can we use the conference room? - Sure, it _____ this morning.

    isn't using

    isn't used

    hasn't used

    isn't being used

6. _____ not been for his help, I couldn't have passed.

    If it

    Was he

    Had it

    If he had

7.  We _____ watch Star Trek with my brother every evening when we were children.



    were used to

    use to


 8. 'The bathroom floor is all wet. Who ______ a shower?'


    has been having

    had had

    had been having

9. Nobody should think they're above _____ .





10.  When making beer, barley is _____ to bring out its sweetness.






11.  Our company receives hundreds of ______ emails every day.





12. ’Do you mind if I open the window?’ ’I’d rather you ______.'





13.  My teacher had difficulty ______ my handwriting.

    to read

    for reading


    to have read


14.  My parents suggested ______ apply for the job.

    me to

    me I should

    that I

    if I

15. Hang ____! I'll be there with you an hour.

    a little

    down here

    in there


16.  He refused to admit _____ too strict with the children.

    to having been

    had been

    he should have been

    he has been


17.  I’m not feeling well. I’d rather _______ in tonight.


    to stay

    you to stay


18. If you _____ mind waiting, I'll call and check if Mr Owen is in.





19.  I'm sure he _______ being around my ex-husband.

    won't get used

    is used

    might be used to

    will get used to


20.  Seldom _____ anything funnier.

    I have seen

    I see

    have I seen

    I saw

21. I’m afraid I _____ used to working in an open-plan office.

    haven't ever


    haven't got


22.  Children need to have their imagination ______ .






23.  You ______ him with my wife. She was with me all the time.

    may have seen

    mustn't see

    can't have seen

    should see

24. The guest room is quite small, but there should be enough space for you there. You only have a few ____ and pieces.





25.  The judge had _____ in allowing the lawsuit to proceed.





26.  The author died after a ______ illness.





 27. I don’t know when the term ’hipster’ was ____ , but it has become quite popular lately.





28.  I’m not sure if I shut down the computer. I can’t really remember _______ it down.

    have shut


    to shut

    I shut

29.  Although the lunar landing ______, the crew managed to take some invaluable photos of the Moon's surface.

    was abhorred

    was aborted

    was accomplished

    was abolished

30. Criminal defendants can't be called to the stand by the ______.





31. The trial, in which Ms Jones was accused of conspiracy, was scheduled to end ______ week.


    that very

    in the last


32. Joe showed me photos of his new car, _____ he bought last week.





  use WHICH when giving extra information about something in a relative clause

 33. 2007 saw an uninterrupted growth, which ______ a couple of moderate falls continued in 2008.





34.  When you end up in prison with no friends left, only then _____ realise that all your thieving has been for nothing.

    you could

    will you

    they might

    it will

35.  If you ______ to see Mary, could you say hello to her for me?





36.  When you are parted from your partner, you _____ to appreciate each other more.





37.  She’s lost her credit card. She _______ it somewhere.

    must have been dropping

    should have dropped

    must have dropped

    would have dropped

38.  If he_____ phone, tell him to ring back later.





39.  When I stopped _____ to him, he was repairing his watch. We had a good chat.


    to speak


    having spoken

40.  I asked an old couple for directions, but _____ of them knew where the cinema was.





 41. Everyone wanted to hear the president's ______ address.





42.  He must be forty or ______ .





 43. My sister really gets a ____ out of singing in public.





44.  I asked Jane about the accident, but she _____ a word.

    didn't use to

    wouldn't say

    shouldn't say


45.  I got a _____ box for my birthday.

    white small wooden

    small white wooden

    small wooden white

    wooden small white

 46. The poor are not _____ as full members of society.

    thought to be

    taken up



47.  Increasing currency ______ is making exchange rates more volatile.





48.  You are taking this very lightly, ______ your mother is dead serious.





49.  ______ the people I interviewed, one in ten said they had already lied to someone that day.





 50. Don't worry. You've got _____ on Janet. You're much more intelligent.


    a bundle

    one down

    one up

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