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NPP Primaries, matters arising: "Let the Church have her turn" demands the Church councils

KwameSarpey 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I humbly submit to you that the roaring from some sections of the Christians community after the NPP primaries is uncalled for and also naive in light of history and Scripture.

The Office of the President should issue a statement that in no uncertain terms condemns the total/partial flouting of all directives concerned with managing the Corona disease in the country. The Ghana Police Service has been instructed to arrest and prosecute all who flout the afore intimated directives by the President of the Republic.

The NPP, as a civil entity registered in the state of Ghana should issue an apology to the Nation and allow the Law have its way. 

Now I sound naive but in my case I know I do, can the same be said of the ecumenical councils and their celebrity preachers asking the Office of the President to deal with us same way she's dealt with the NPP primaries!

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. NPP, had a day in the sun, a bad day and like when a child gets too sunburned the entire family has to endure it's cries of pain so the entire nation will have to deal with the rise of infections that is bound to occur soon. But as the elders like to tell us "two wrongs don't make a right" yet are now demanding to have their own day in the sun, we have to ask ourselves what at all is it about Corona that turns the bastion of culture into a society of the disadvantaged and disgruntled? Some of us think that as we are daily allowed to the markets and sits in public buses we should also be allowed to continue being in our churches 24/7 for there are more ways to get infested at the market than at Church. We made our compliant to fellow minded friends and they cheered us on so now that the NPP and the President has fallen into our trap we imagine we have a screw to twist fingers - let's see how crude the process is.

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The NPP primaries was a one day event that went wrong. It happens once every 4 years or so I'm informed and as a body instituted by the company code it has to adhere to its principles despite Corona. Same can be said of the 2020 elections - the constitution of the land has no space to cater for the wishes of Corona in postponing the general elections (can't say same about the new voters ID card though).

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Christian Church on the other hand likes to meet at least 3 times a week and some services last as much as 10 hours. We have a culture where the man of God can be "moved" to carry a member or get carried by a member, touch every member with same hands, spit into mouths or ears, extend meeting time indiscriminately - all these are done at the injunction of "the Spirit" and to be truthful to ourselves we have to admit that "the Spirit" whichever kind we want to imagine cannot get infected with a virus but if "he" continues as "he's" done in the past we humans who congregate in "his name" can get infected and die to "his glory."

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Can I ask you to be real again? Since when did going to Church become an essential service needed to keep body and soul or economy running? If the Church is true then it knows it's of Judeo-Christian religion and that faith is monotheistic and has always said that it's God is everywhere and doesn't dwell in houses built by man. Yet, as part of our truth we know that "we are to assemble frequently for the we learn and practice our faith as a community of the redeemed". If you agree with that then we both need to ask "where do we gather and how do we gather" but that isn't to be answered in detail in this post.

I believe God is the only reality but I believe He doesn't dwell in any of the monstrously huge warehouses we build to our memory's and He doesn't dwell in our closets where He asked us to go pray. So where does He dwell? He dwells in heaven and He dwells among and in us for He is "God with us". What has this got to do with market and businesses as essential services?

The same "men of God" comparing market and church buildings are the same men of God who have rightly taught us from Scriptures that when we pray at home God listens, when we study our Bibles at home God speaks, if they have been of the real men of God calibre they also taught us that we need to occasionally meet the entire members of the family for a celebration - for a lifetime of private devotion doesn't make up for a days communion with the saints (more on that another time). Can a man or woman shop for momoni, dawadawa and rice while in his closet, does a farmer reap a harvest after he's planted real seeds or after he's planted faith seeds? In every civilised state a man's religion isn't classified as an essential service and has always been private.

Yes, we sit in public transport and can highly be infected by the person next to us or even the car seat, yes we go to market and rub body's with others, yes we go to school and speak with our mates - but these are all essential services which are partially funded by the state or pays taxes to the state. I am a man who believes only God can rid the earth of this virus, only God can keep a man or woman from getting infected and only God deserves to be worshipped but I also know that my private worship of God isn't isn't what I would want the state to have a say in.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Funny that we asked the government to expand markets and introduce educational platforms on TV but no one ever suggested the government appoint a state pastor to preach to the nation each Sunday while Church was on lockdown, no one said a thing about needing a platform for sermons to cater to the different type of persons in the church - only reason we don't want that is we all prefer our members listen to no one if they can't listen to us.

My fellow pastors, let's restrain ourselves from acting as if the Church will die if we meet in small numbers for when the Church was really strong it didn't have its own worship places but met in small clusters. Corona could have been the opportunity we need to revitalise our cells and sheepfolds but rather we have been thinking of how to get more sunburned than others. Even if the government hasn't said we can start Churches and meet up to a 100 persons we could still have done Church as some are still doing. But for that satan infestation of calling that seeks to make us the center of attraction we would have trained our members to all be able to run services for what is Church if not worship and the exposition of the Word. It's sad that we run a Church system where aside the senior pastor and his assistant almost no one else in our 300 - 5000 congregations can exposite the Scriptures. It is time to return to the time where every believer could rightly divide the word of truth.

NPP's mistakes and the President silence are no excuses to want to have freedom of worship when it comes without restrictions. Thank you

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