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5 Important Things You Must Do Or Not Do After A Snake Bite In Order To Be Safe.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Many animals are very aggressive by nature. That is their makeup. When you bring a lion cub to the house, it will still be aggressive even though it did not grow in the wild. They normally cause harm to the other animals in their class or others. Animals in the wild are crude and dangerous than their domestic counterparts. After all, no human will bring home an animal which has the tendency of causing harm to people. Even if a wild creature is brought home, it is done with the assurance that is has discarded its wild nature to some extent.

Wild animals which are kept as pets are normally tamed to lose their aggressive nature to some extent. Animals which are very dangerous are mostly carnivorous. They eat the weaker animals for their own survival. But their aggressive nature goes beyond merely killing and eating others. Most animals use their aggressive nature for self defense. Most animals are self governing unlike humans who have leaders to control behaviours. This is why all the aggressive animals have inbuilt mechanisms to defend themselves against unfavourable external forces.

One particular group of animals which are self governing are the snakes. They have no leaders. It is even difficult to see snakes move in groups as the big cats in the jungle do. Like most animals, snakes are carnivores. They eat the lesser creatures they are able to kill. But some snakes are feared most by humans and other animals. Most snakes bite their victims when their environment is threatened. Some of them bite to weaken the creatures they want to feed on. But self defense is the major reason why snakes bite humans and other animals alike. The most dangerous species of the snakes are the venomous ones. The cobra, viper, and other venomous snakes you can think of, are found in that category. They inject venom in their victims when they sink their fangs into their victims.

The venom of poisonous snakes can kill any animal or even humans in no time. It does not matter whether the snake is a smaller one or a full grown one. Venom is always venom. And the smaller snakes can even kill with their venom faster than their matured counterparts. Snake bites are very dangerous to the health of humans. In the severe cases, the victim of a snake bite can die. One particular man considered a snake bite as nothing. He went about his work in the farm against the advise of people. He later complained of having difficulty in breathing. He went home to sleep instead of heading to the clinic. They next day, he was found dead in his room. It is dangerous to treat a snake bite as a mere joke. Even if the snake which bit you is a less venomous one, you have to seek medical attention. Below are some very important things you must do and adhere to when you are bitten by a snake.

1. Never panic! View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This is very difficult to do especially, when the snake is a very venomous one. The thought of losing one's life make people jump into action. Some people begin to run. Some people are very restless when they sustain snake bite. This is not the best thing to do. When a snake bite you, remain calm, very calm. This is because when you start to run, or do any vigorous activity in response to the bite, you will disturb the muscles in the area you have suffered the bite. This will make the venom to be transported into the bloodstream. Never look for the snake. You have to concentrate on yourself at that very moment instead of looking to kill the snake. Call someone nearer to assist you get to the health centre.

2. Tie the muscle above the affected spot tightly. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This will stop the venom from being carried to the other parts of the body easily. This is very important as it will reduce the poisoning. If possible, cut a small opening around the affected spot. Press the area to remove the contaminated blood. The blood will be very dark or greenish depending on the type of snake which deposited the venom. Press the area until the blood is somewhat clear or assume it's natural colour. Note that it is not entirely a treatment for the snake bite. You still have to receive a professional treatment in the hospital. This is only done to reduce the poisoning when the hospital is far from your area. But if it is close by, you only have to go for treatment after tying the area. You can walk to the hospital if no one is in sight to assist you.

3. Never wash the affected area with water. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Some people think that when they wash the affected spot, then the poison is removed. This is a grave mistake you must never make. When a snake bites you, it is possible than the fangs have gone deeper into your skin than you can anticipate. Washing the area will never remove the poison because it is injected far below the skin. Even if the wound is very shallow, never wash the affected spot. The health workers will examine the venom and identify the type of snake which wreaked the havoc on you. Identifying the type of snake will help them to know which treatment to give to you.

4. Never suck the affected spot with your mouth! So many people have primitive ways of handling snake bites which later prove to be even dangerous than the actual bite. Some people even lose their lives as a result of using those primitive methods of treating victims of snake bites. When you use your mouth to such the venom, you may be poisoned. There is no further explanation to that. Just be careful and make this advise work for you. Even if someone wants to try that remedy on you, never allow it. You may be tempted to conclude that the poison has been completely sucked from the spot meanwhile it is not. That singular action can even caused the muscles around the area to be disturbed. This will make the venom travel round the body and damage the vital organs. Be careful.

4. Never do self medication when you suffer a snake bite. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Some people are so ignorant that they think any medicine at all can be used to treat many conditions. Never accept any medicine given to you by anyone. Let not your desperation propel you to give in to any unprescribed medicine. There are many quack doctors in the neighbourhood who are making living from selling some expired drugs to people. What such individuals will prescribe for you can even worsen the problem. The only help you should accept from people is to carry you to the hospital. There are many other things you can do to reduce the effect of the venom. You also have to remove every clothing and jewelry around the affected spot. Immobilise the area so that the venom will not escalate.

What are some other things you must do to be safe after a snake bite? Let people learn from your experience. Share this article to educate and advise others.

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