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Sad - Pastor chops and impregnate church member all in the name of akwankyer3 (spiritual directions)

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There have been several cases of some so called men of God involved in so many immoral acts. Some of which includes snatching of people's wives, man slaughter and defilement.

These so called men of God abuse the rights of women who have been vulnerable to their deceit. These women mostly are scared by the so called men of God and are not able to confess the experiences they have been through with them.

As a result of these acts, it has become very hard to determine which man of God is genuine and which one is not. Since men are limited to seeing what is within the hearts of their fellow men, it is hard to tell who is genuine and who is not.

Reports reaching us is that a man of God allegedly defiled a church member in bed all in the name of "Akwankyer3" spiritual directions.

The young woman after getting pregnant for the man was told to keep quiet and abort the baby to cover up for his evil act. The woman threatened to expose him if he doesnt take responsibilities for the pregnancy.

The man threatened to invoke curses on the young lady if she tried doing anything to tarnish his image. She mysteriously had a miscarriage and was taken to the hospital in a few days after the pastor had told her to wait and see what will happen to her for threatening to expose him.

The young lady is currently in the hospital and fighting for her life since the miscarriage.

Do you think the pastor involved in this musterious sudden illness and miscarriage?

leave your comment on what you think about this. And kindly follow our page.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+233-55809**** · 06/29/2020
stupidity will never stop in Christianity, and they will shamely defend it with the bible
abowabavadeshina · 06/29/2020
if the lady is above sixteen years and fully consented to the act, it isn't defilement ooo..neither is it rape.
VictoriaAntwi_01 · 07/12/2020
fake story
+233-24673**** · 07/7/2020
fake pastor

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