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I Paid Twice as Much as My Opponent but I lost - Mpohor Alex MP

THINKTECK 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The defeated Member of Parliament for Mpohor, Alex Agyekum says despite paying double the quantity his other contestant, John Saanie paid to delegates during the recent New Patriotic Party (NPP) primaries, he still lost.

Speaking to Kwame Malcolm host of Radio.360’s flagship morning program, Yensom in Takoradi, Hon Agyekum said some delegates have begun calling him to apologize.

“…If it's development(in Mpohor) that delegates stood on to vote, then nobody can fault me …delegates won't have any basis…from Mpohor, Dominate, Trebuom, Manso, Adansie line, Mampong, Abotare Yie to Edanwiredukrom I made electricity be extended there in 2014. In about 12 communities where there are not any lights I even have made them erect poles and only left with the cables. it had been just one inaccessible community, Angu Domeabra; I used my common fund to rent a bulldozer to carve a road that tricycles (aboboyaa), taxis, tipper trucks ply; so for development, Kwame, delegates cannot fault me. At Dominase, the town wont to be flooded, I collaborated with Benso feather palm Plantation (BOPP) using an excavator to divert Butre river and you're aware…so for development nobody can fault me,” the embittered defeated MP lamented.

He also stated that he has helped in raising the morale of the members of the NPP in Mpohor during his tenure.

“ …no one can say as, on Saturday, June 20, the day of elections, the probabilities of the NPP as against other political parties were low. So if you sum up these and assess the voting direction of the delegates, then it means they voted for other issues aside from development that they can pinpoint…so if all I even have enumerated are the key points that they're going to use to vote, then nobody can find me lacking, the reason I’m saying they'll have voted for other reasons aside from development.

Source: opera.com
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