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Dealing with indecisiveness

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Being indecisive is one of the challenges one should not take lightly because it can cause a lot of troubles. There are a lot of things which causes people to be indecisive,

Having Too Many Options: Most of the time indecisiveness comes as a result of having so many things on the table, some people would want to be careful not to make mistake in deciding when they have too many options but this carefulness results in them becoming indecisive. Some may also choose in a haste so that don not become indecisive which they will end up making a mistake so they tend stay back in their next decision making which will also land them in the indecisiveness net.

Fear Of Making a Mistake And Taking Responsibility: As said in the reason above the fear of making a mistake make people indecisive. Many people avoid making certain decisions because of the fear of making the wrong choice and being held responsible for that, they tend to make their fear and emotions catch up with them, though making decisions is not easy but you cannot always leave it to nature. Not being able to make decisions concerning your own life means you are not in control of your life.

Pleasing People: When you live your life trying to please others you spend all your time deciding which one will please them day after day, and if one day you are not sure of what will please them you get stacked in indecisiveness. Trying to please someone who may not even be looking your way makes you lose yourself. Deciding on what to wear, eat, go etc every time becomes tiring with time because you have done all you can but you still want to do more which becomes a tough decision to be making so then you tend to become confused which you become indecisiveness about.

Being Over Perfect: Pleasing people comes with being perfect for them, and being perfect also comes with indecisiveness because you have to decide each and everyday what will make you perfect for them. Being overly perfect ill always make you confused because every time you will be afraid of making a wrong choice so then again it leaves you indecisive.

Not Trusting One’s Self/Not Having Confidence: Decisions making is not easy but it should not that hard for a person to become indecisive. You at least have faith in your choices and believe in what your mind and heart accept. Accepting your decisions and believe it’s the right thing makes you less confused. Life is all about the decisions you make. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.  

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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