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For Men: 3 Things You Should Do Before Approaching A Lady

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Before approaching a lady you should be awear that she's a human being like you and the only thing that differentiates you from her is your organ.

3 things you should do before approaching a lady

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When you are about to meet a girl for the very first time you should endeavor to put certain things in place;

1. Dress properly

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Like the saying goes, "you are addressed the way you dress". This implies that first impression matters alot. Mere looking at you, people can draw a conclusion about you, either good or bad, just by how you are dressed. So when you want to approach a girl dress in the way you want the girl to think of you. Dressing cool gives the girl the impression that you are a calm guy, or dressing stylishly gives the girl that impression that you love being stylish and that you aren't that cool.

2. Boost your confidence

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Let me give you a little secret here. Girls loves and adores guys that have confidence, it passes a message to them that you can handle them or any situation perfectly well. Before you meet up a girl, make sure that you have your confidence level at a 100% and don't be intimidated by her appearance because she's just a human like you.

3. Know your intentions

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Before walking up to a girl you should know the reason why you are going to met her. Are you going to get her digits? Are you going to just check her out? Or are you going just to be a cool friend? It's very important you know you purpose, this will help you avoid certain embarrassment and safe your time.

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