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How To Improve Your English Grammar And Vocabularies And Become Master In English.

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We are in the world where English has taken dominion because of colonialism. Today English is dominating and if you clearly speak it, you will not find yourself wanting.

Fortunately, for English speaking countries, if you can't speak any other popular language as well as the English as well, then you have a knack to crack.

To help you become eloquent or fluent in English, then these tips might help you.

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1. You must develop the habit of reading. This is a great medicine. You must be someone who likes reading. For instance story books, magazines, news papers and others. For reading I recommend foreign books and some local books to you. For the local books you must be cautious. Not all local books are to be read. Some of them are sometimes full of grammatical errors. And English is all about grammar, so be cautious. Not the big Vocabularies that you will utter make you eloquent. If you still mingle the plural verbs with the singular verbs, then my friend you still lack something. Other best book I recommend to you is Bible. Except the Bible being the word of God and again helping us in spirituality, it is a great book to help us improve our English.

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2. The next thing to help improve your English is to always find a new word you do not understand in the dictionary so that you know the meaning. The easiest way to do this is to download dictionary app on play store if you have supported phones. By so doing it will make things easier. When reading and you come across any big word which is beyond your understanding, then you just open your dictionary on your phone and check the meaning before you proceed. That will help a lot. If you do not have any phone to do that, then you can pen any word you do not understand down so that you find all their meanings later.

3. This might also help and it is a bit confidential. If you like watching foreign movies or series, and even not only foreign movies but any local movies that they speak English, this will also help your speaking of the language. Especially the foreign series, you will come across lots of English you have not even heard. That is not flabbergasted because they are the originator of English.

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4. Read a lot of news and also making researches on internet. Reading so many things from the internet also expatiate your eyes a lot.

5. Eventually, start speaking/practicing it with friends and if possible anyone you come across with. The more you speak the more you become eloquent.

Don't be like some people who cannot talk while in public or parliament. When something bad is implemented, all they can do is 'yee ye' and 'noo no'. Apart from that they can speak nothing concerning the affairs of the nation because they cannot adjust themselves in English. Try the following and they will help you.

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