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Do your eyes turn red often? Here are some reasons and remedies for Eye Reddening.

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The occurrence of one's eye been red is very common and I can guess each and everyone of us have experienced it more than once. Everyone can get his or her eye reddened one way or the other. Let's get to know some of the causes of eye reddening.

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Red eye as it is happens when the blood vessels on the sclera ( the white outer surface of the eye) gets either swollen or dilated. Red eye is either accompanied by eye itching, irritation, blur vision and many others. To add with, on some occasions, one's eye may turn red without any other complications. Let's go through some of the causes of eye reddening.

1. Allergies

Some allergies of humans that makes us feel down or bored or lazy can also make our eyes turn red. Contact lens solution, chemicals like gases, pollen from trees, certain foods, and many others one way or another been an allergy of someone can cause the persons eye to turn red.


With this cause, you can either see your doctor for your allergies medical prescription or use eye drops recommended by pharmacists.

2. Dry Eyes

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Poor lubrication of the eyes by our tears is the major cause of dry eyes which results in eye reddening. The human eye must always look moisty or properly lubricated to allow smooth movement of the eye ball in the eye lid. Hence when this is not achieved, it causes rough movement thus causing the eyes to turn red.


Over the counter ( pharmacy drugs) 'artificial tears' is the best remedy for dry eyes.

3. Contact Lens Irritation

Contact lenses bought and used without the prescription of an optician is one of the most common cause of the eye turning red. When worn for longer periods, you start to feel irritations on the surface of your eyes causing the blood vessels in the eye to get swollen resulting in red eyes.


See an optician for prescribed contact lenses and handle with care. Also wear contact lens when due necessary and not for too long.

4. Straining the Eye

The more we use our daily computer desktops, laptops, mobiles, etc without enough breaks, the more we strain the eyes. Looking on a screen for longer periods prevents you to blink your eyes less than often thus causing the eyes to feel fatigued leading to eye itching which is a possible cause for red eyes.


You must take enough time to look away when using your computer laptops, desktops, mobiles etc and blink your eyes more often to release the stress you out on your eyes.

5. Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

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Conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, is redness and inflammation of the clear tissue covering the eye and the inside of the eyelids (conjunctiva) and it is commonly caused by bacterial or viral infections but may also be due to irritants (chemicals, pollutants, or allergens).


You must visit your optician to confirm the cause and prescribe a possible remedy. But when you experience crusty discharge, a warm, wet towel to compress may be applied to the eyes to gently remove the crusting.

6. Smoking

Aside smoking been bad for your heart and lungs, it's also bad for your eyes too. Irritation caused by the smoke from smoking can cause eye reddening.

Ever heard of cataract?? It's an eye problem which is mainly caused by smoking and that also causes red eye.


The best and only remedy for smoking is to quit smoking. I urge that you also stay away from smoke been it smoke emitted from vehicles or smoke as a result of burning. When in contact with the eyes causes the blood vessels to swell and followed by eye reddening.

I hope you find this article interesting and educational. Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading.

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