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Yaa Jackson finally leaks her private Chat.

AmbitiousOfori 06/26/2020

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Yaa Jackson as popularly known, is born with the name Maame yaa Jackson, Yaa Jackson is a musician, song writer and an actress from Ghana. She is most remembered for her popular song "tear rubber".

The Kumawood actress Yaa Jackson is about 20 years old and has attained popularity with her good and unique personality on social media, Yaa Jackson is indeed a very beautiful and adorable Lady.

But this day, as far as Instagram is concern, Maame Yaa Jackson has release her private WhatsApp chart.

Indeed, it can be note that, everyone is very capable of handling his or her own private chat. Therefore it is obvious that, everyone has to keep his or her personal chat secretly.

However, this did not happen on the side of Yaa Jackson. Yaa Jackson gently release a chat she had with one her fan.

This chart released by Yaa Jackson is mostly about the donation or gift she made to her fan. That is to say, One of Yaa Jackson's fan, who fulfill and easy task, that is; by following Yaa Jackson on her YouTube channel, watching Yaa Jackson's full video update and making a Vlog video of Yaa Jackson and sending it to her.

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Thus to YaaJackson, the release of the private chat is to show to other fans and Ghanaians to constantly be her fan and always follow her.

Indeed, Yaa Jackson leaks a private chat she had with her fan.

Do you think she was right to release such Chat??.

All is for God.

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GUEST_zQqBP2jjy · 07/4/2020
its not that of my bussiness

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