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''Gay isn't a sin according to the scriptures" - Nigerian Priest reveals

PaintsilEbenezer 06/29/2020

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Homosexualism is one of the abominable acts in the eyes of God and many people, its consequences make it very difficult for many nations to legally accept the act especially in Africa. Many people have different opinions as to whether it's a sin or not.

A famous pastor has revealed his experience and opinion on this topic.

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Jide Macaulay, an alleged gay clergyman and also a founder of House of Rainbow in Nigerian has defined the meaning of the word Gay from the Christians scriptures as "God anoints you", God Adore you and God Assured you.

Macaulay who was ordained as Anglican Priest in England last year has disclosed how he discovered the biblical text in the book of Leviticus about homosexualism, and also believes the passage is been contradicted as it talks against the act.

He said this in an interview;

"Over the years, homosexualism has been powerful for me as man of faith, I believe Gay means God accept you."

He then added that, to be a black gay looks very difficult per his experience.

"Being a black gay man is never easy. My journey and education started at home. I was raised in a conservative Nigerian Christian home and it was also around the time I also discovered the Bible text on homosexuality, particularly in Leviticus.

"I struggled with it at the time, but it took me years later for me to reverse the biblical and theological understanding of who I am and what the Bible says. The challenge for me is being able to communicate my feeling with the family. It didn't happen until years later."

He also revealed how he married a woman and had children but later divorced her in order to cope with his gay partner.

"My mental State during the time of my separation and divorce obviously over the fact that I had just come out as gay at the time, it was very difficult," he said.

He finally concluded that queer people are loved by God no matter what.

Do you agree with him?

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+233-541640 · 06/30/2020
you don't know what you are saying
+233-024834**** · 07/1/2020
+27-73359**** · 06/30/2020
you're a lost soul reverend
NoziphoNkomo · 06/30/2020
Utter hogwash. Reread the Holy Bible.

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