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These female insects bite off the Head of Their Males When Mating, Then Eats It Whole!

Gbenj 06/25/2020

You read the title right!

This insect eats the head of its mate while mating, and then goes on to eat the whole body completely!

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Meet the praying mantis!

It’s funny that an insect name is praying mantis huh?

The word mantis comes from the Greek word “mantikos”, meaning soothsayer or prophet. Therefore, their name translate to praying prophet! These insects can be found in all almost all continents, dominating their field as one of the fiercest hunters!

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Even though they do not look similar, mantis are closely related to cockroaches and termites. In fact, they are believed to have come from the same ancestor in pre historic times. The females are more larger than the males, often killing and consuming them totally if the chance ever occurs.

Now to the most bizarre behavior of these insects!

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Females of the specie have been well documented biting off and eating the head of the male and other body parts when they are mating!

Mating in the mantis world is a dangerous game for the males. males are quite smaller in size so they are easily taken as prey by the female they are giving their intend to give their semen too! The male gently approaches the female and begin mating with her. If he is unlucky enough for the female to be starved or irritated at the time, then she rips out his head and eats it. Then goes on to consume his whole body! However, they do not always do cannibalise on their mates. Studies show it is likely to occur 20% of the time.

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Countless theories have been made as to why some males lose their head when trying to pass down their genes to the next generation. It is noticed that the causes of this behavior might be when the female is starving, irritated by the male actions or even genetic behavior! A study published in 2016 found that when female Chinese mantises consume their mates, they acquire important amino acids that are then incorporated into the eggs they lay. They also appear to lay twice as many eggs after cannibalizing a male than they normally would. So while the male would probably be better off to live and mate with multiple females, at least it seems his nutrients give his DNA an elevated chance of getting passed on to the next generation. 

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The Name Is Not The Only Weird Feature About This Insect. Check Out Other Weird Facts About The Praying Mantis!

The mantis has the ability to twist its head in a full 180o degree motion. No other insect can do this!

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During breeding seasons, the male mantis usually comprises of 90% of the female diet. With the female regularly, consume almost all the male she comes in contact with! This type of cannibalism is very uncommon for animals as a whole.

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Female mantis can eat anything from smaller insects and worms, to small rodents and birds! Some species of mantis are actually big enough to hunt humming birds, frogs, snakes, lizards, small bats, shrews and even small rodents!

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They grip the prey and immediately start eating the head while it is alive! The mantises have a particularly gruesome way of eating their prey most of the time.

In many cases, the insects first pierced the bird’s heads and then feasted on their brains. Clearly, these insects are voracious predators!


Are they dangerous to hurt a human?

The answer is actually NO. Cases of praying mantis biting someone is so rare they are believed to be peaceful creatures. They possess the same harm to you as a lady beetle. They do not carry infectious disease to spread, and they cannot sting you. However, there do have a bite that will hurt! So avoiding them when you see them is probably the best thing to do!

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