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What do you know about your boyfriend?

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. To ladies already in a relationship or looking forward to being in a relationship need to know what exactly they are getting themselves into. When you are single you may think those in relationships are stressing and tripping over just a mere human but they don't really know the beauty of it until they get into one, but really you should know if the person you are willing to go the extra for is also putting in that same effort or is even worth the effort.

Some guys don't really know what they want, they are with you because they feel you are the only one who really understand or know them better. Even after breakups those type of boyfriends do whatever it takes to get back with you, those guys don't seem to understand that relationships are not a one sided deal as in because I want this person or because I feel safe with this person so I have to be with her...with this type of boyfriends they usually do not know how to treat their girlfriends because there is no connection what so ever between them. If you have this type of boyfriend my sister let them go, allow them to find themselves, figure out what they really want and stuff like that.this can help him make a choice that suits them.

Here comes the other guys that actually like you but can't seem to settle with you alone they can do almost everything for you but can't be with just you..that's really confusing sometimes..this type of boyfriends normally engage in having multiple girls at the same time and this is mostly due to influences from social media and the desire to feel popular or think its okay to get whatsoever you want and to think of it, that's not even a choice if you want your relationship to work out. So this kind of boyfriends though don't want to lose you don't give any reason to stay eaither..Girl you can't keep this one thinking you can change him or anything like that believe me that's just how its gonna be so get up and start finding what's worth your time.

Also is the guy that has the mindset that it's not even a choice to consider having multiple girls..These guys genuinely want the best for the relationship and they will do whatever it takes to make it work..most at times the girls don't even have to stress a lot with this type of guys, you feel everything is right and everything is working out well.trust your gust this one is really worth the time, hold them tight I repeat hold them tight because they are worth going the extra mile for.

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