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Ghanaians are not happy with Anas Aremeyaw Anas' latest expose on COVID-19 frauds

deejmagnus 06/29/2020

Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has finally released an expose on the COVID 19 quacks going on in the country. In the video, some Ghanaians were captured selling drugs they believed to be the cure of the deadly coronavirus which has killed more than 100 citizens.

But some citizens are not happy with the astute journalist because they feel he's painting a bad picture of the country to foreigners.

Read some of the comments by Ghanaians below...

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*Anas, you are doing good work BUT you are specifically making your work over the damage the reputation and integrity of Ghana. This kind of investigation should only be aired in Ghana, this is not an investigation that so serious to be internationalized. The BBC which is a UK News agency deliberately hides some local news from the international community, unless you switch your VPN to the UK or Europe.

* Love this ❤️ Forget unscrupulous people who are opposing this. Do the work, after all, u are widely known for the positive impact u got in this worldwide.

*Ghana there's a big problem here... Even at school when someone's report people who break school rules he's seen as an evil guy and those who break rules are good guys ... I grow and live with this policy ...asem oo

* Why did you send it to the BBC? To come and arrest them? Are you doing this in the interest of the nation, BBC, or you? How much were you ponied up to paint your own country black in this fashion? What message are you passing on to foreign investors? If the said quacks have flouted the law, why didn’t you hand them to the law enforcement agency since you have the evidence? Should I believe what Kennedy Agyapong said about you? Very wack!

 *My problem is Ahmed suale your compatriot was short in Medina. It's more than a year now but nothing has been investigated by you. Or you think that case can’t be investigated. You can’t investigate killings but you will have the time to investigate fake coronavirus cures in Ghana. Selfish interest

* Madagascar had their herbal cure for COVID-19 but u will not hear such things. But u Anas u re a Ghanaian bit tarnishing the Image of the country and those who practice herbal medicine...

* I taught it was something better, we already know there are a lot of fake local medicines in the system. you air it internationally just to make money out of it.wack documentary

* I've and will never like ur method of investigation. U lie, set people up and video them and u want applause.. tweaa...after this bullshit u send the Videos to BBC and expect Ghanaian police to do the arrest. Gyama wotiri bom...

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* U are really doing a great job but why don’t u extend your investigation to RUSSIA, IRAN, USA BRITAIN SAUDI, etc & always Ghana & its neighboring countries.

 * Please Anas Aremeyaw Anas why don't you investigate fixed matches that are going on in Europe? Many people are losing a huge sum of money on bets every day. Thank you.

* You are disgracing your motherland to your enemies though is a good job

* Osei Dompreh Dickson very true paaa bra here in UK doctors do a lot of mistakes which leads to death but the media won't bring it out da but it's very sad we Africans take every issue to international why won't they see us as animals that Anas guy is fake

* Osei Dompreh Dickson what you are saying is true. In other to protect our national integrity, we need more regulations on the media communications

* Manuel Glover exactly. Let's ask ourselves how Anas gets money for his investigations? We all know he has been employed by the BBC so what we expect? BBC is investing in his investigations for feedbacks and that's what he's doing exactly.

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*We were expecting the producers of coats to tell us the drug cures COVID 19 only for Anas to tell us he asked a shop keeper at their office at Accra to them about the drug..how can a storekeeper give u full details about a drug? Where were the doctors and the marketers? And did the CEO of the company confirm that the drug can cure COVID 19.? NO! how can u base ur evidence on what a common storekeeper tells you? We need to ask these questions ... just bring out all the evidence and the raw footage... #AnasMustAnswerAllQuestions

*What is the purpose when your target consumer and sponsor is a foreign media. No wonder u always don't get the results you want because BBC cannot affect the necessary changes rather, they can only spread the shame and the evil will still exist. It's my humble suggestion that you re-examine your model. For instance, even though you did a great Job on galamsey, the evil became worse because instead of targeting and shaming the big men in the scheme you the heads of departments that we already deem corrupt and have political backing. I am very sure you could have served us better if you had given us the real evildoers. Kindly re-examine please because we appreciate your works and use the local media instead of BBC because the damage is too much. Good on this one. I hope we get the necessary results

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Source: opera.com
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