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“Am Contesting As An Independent Candidate” - Lawyer Adu Darko of NPP

MikeBrownVille 06/24/2020

Kessben Fm in Kumasi reported this evening that one of the aspirants of the just ended NPP Primaries in Asante-Akyem Central Constituency Lawyer Richard Adu Darko, announced recently at Konongo to the press, his supporters and well-wishers, that he will be contesting for the parlimemtary seat of Asante-Akyem Central as an independent candidate.

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Speaking to the press he said the following;

“We the constituents of Asante-Akyem Central has always been loyal to the New Patriotic Party” He said.

“People of Asante-Akyem Central love the policies of the NPP. Before the Primaries was held in our Constituency, majority of the constituents made it very clear to the executives of the NPP that we desperately needed change”.

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“Unfortunately, the primaries didn't turn out like the majority of the people hoped and prayed for.”

“It is regrettable that some people of Asante-Akyem Central always vote for the same politicians who fail to bring us infrastructural development, jobs and opportunities” he said.

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“So after listening to the complaints of the chiefs, opinion leaders and the people of Asante-Akyem Central, I have decided to contest for the seat to become a member of parliament for Asante-Akyem Central Constituency, as an independent candidate for the December 2020 elections” he declared.

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“ I, Lawyer Richard Adu Darko have decided to take up this challenge and am going to do everything in my power to rescue this Constituency” he pledged.

“I know it’s not going to be easy but I am very prepared. And I know am going to be victorious because I have the support of the whole Constituency behind me”.

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Lawyer Richard Adu Darko is an attorney by profession who is also a native of Konongo, which is the capital of the Asante-Akyem Central constituency. 


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Top Comments
GUEST_o0qVbg9eg · 06/25/2020
I'm from Konongo and first hs not an npp second hs frm krobo my konongo
educatorsho · 06/25/2020
Stop your nonsense you will regret very soon because you will never ever win. We don't need an orphan coonstituacy.
GUEST_p01jrPj3A · 06/25/2020
Foolish man! What infrastructure projects can you do as an MP? Do you generate income as an MP? You are among the MPs who create troubles for themselves and you face the wrath of your constituents at the end of your tenure.
GUEST_9BAOJ8bQB · 06/25/2020
and so what

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