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Breaking:Taxi driver stabs his car owner over 20ghc at Agona, Takoradi.

Topnotchnews 06/25/2020

News reaching our corridors, a 24years taxi driver has stabs his car owner over sales account, acoording to the Kofi amoah(the driver), he claimed, his car owner slapped him hard on his face. This made him so angry that, he picked a knife and Stab him on his chest.

According to the report, he normally makes 60ghc daily sales to his car owner but just today, he couldn't reach his target. He told Mr. Appiah, the car owner that, he only got 40ghc as today sales. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Mr. Appiah on the other hand, was full of doubts, thinking his driver wants to cheat him again just because he did the same thing to him once in last month. The conversation didn't go well between the two, which made the Mr. Appiah to first slap him.

Kofi amoah also went to the boot of the car and took knife threatening his car owner that, if he jokes he will kill him and run away. Mr. Appiah got closer to him and was telling him to proceed which made his taxi driver to Stab him at his chest. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He was serious bleeding and was rush to the hospital for treatment. The taxi driver is the police custody.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+233-24497**** · 06/25/2020
the car owner is a big fool, someone giving you 60ghc everyday and unable to make that much in this had times does not deserve a slap. Moreover he dare him for the stab, the case will end with a fine because it was in self defence. chisel car owner.
Cocoabrownnews.com · 06/25/2020
Wish the car owner speedily recovery
Ankamah3james · 06/25/2020
lol he deserves slaps
RichardOpoku_10 · 06/25/2020
Hmmmmmmm! Ghana nie? Awurade Nnhu y3 mcbc

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