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Chelsea Might Not Be Able To Compete With City Due To This Weakness.

solutionsworld 06/25/2020

The transfer window isn't yet opened but Chelsea have clearly shown their desire to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool with the signing of Werner and Ziyech ahead of next season . The fact that they are still been linked with Ben Chilwell and Leverkusen's Kai Havertz is a clear statement of intent .

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Getting those two players added to the squad will make the London club one of the exciting teams to look out for next season. But despite all the efforts Chelsea are still having problems at the back with Kepa Arrizabalaga still remaining their no 1 goalkeeper.

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The Spanish keeper has faced 71 shots this season saving only 43 of them with a save percentage of 57.7% been the lowest in the league. His performances have been inconsistent and average this season and that should definitely be a worry for Chelsea since he is likely to concede goals in every game.

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All great teams have stable and reliable defense with the goalkeeper playing a pivotal role in the defense. It's no wonder that the first and second in the league also have the two best goal keepers in the league.

If Chelsea would be able to compete with City and Liverpool they seriously need to consider making some changes at the back.

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JosephAnomah · 06/25/2020
That is true, we need a competing goal keeper to make Kepa serious. Also no good defending makes a poor keeper.

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