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Kuffour used her against me: Tsikata on Justice Henrietta Abban's sentencing

Maxda2863 06/25/2020

Mr Tsikata, a legal practitioner and a former Chief Executive officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Council (GPNC) has said his conviction 12years ago by Justice Henrietta Abban was politically driven.

Mr Tsikata who was one of the powerful persons in the Rawlings regime, said he was a target of the John Agyakum Kuffours government for obvious political reasons. The lawyer and oil expert indicated the injustice he went through in the build up to the final judgement of his case back in 2001.

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"Justice Henrietta Abban was my senior in the University of Ghana's faculty of law. She did her work perfectly when she was called to the bar". It was rather unfortunatethat she was asked to do the presidents bid in the Ghs 230,000 financial lost to the state case against him. He said this in a response to Alfred Occansi's question on weather he had any issue with the Justice before the said court case. This was on Tv3s hot issue.

Speaking on his prisons experience, the former chief executive said, "I was at the right place at the right time. I had the opportunity to encounter a 16 years boy who was in Nsawam prison which to me the laws of Ghana forbids". Å lot of people have also been in remand for years without having their case ruled.

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Commenting on why he rejected a presidential pardon from president Kuffour on the eve of handing over power, the former CEO said he wanted justice not a pardon. "If you accept a presidential pardon, it means you have agreed to your crime but your punishment is forgiven but your conviction stands.

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Mr Tsikata indicated that the Ghs 230,000 financial lost to the state he was accused of was never true. "I appealed the case on the very day I was convicted because that was a case in which an independent judicial decision is being given. It was politically driven agenda and I was sure if I reject the pardon, I will walk out of prison.

He later appealed his sentence and was acquitted and discharged. The Appeals Court ruled that he was denied a fair trial.

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