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Woman Lives In Fear As Her 'Rich But Jobless' Husband Prevents Her From Entering A Particular Room

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After a 27-year-old woman suspects that her husband is doing something suspicious, she is currently living in fear.

According to a story she shared on social media, her husband is not intimate

With her as a wife.

She also revealed that her rich husband was unemployed and did not know where he got it from money.

The woman, who only named Adzo, added that her husband prevented her from entering her room.

Read her full article below

My name is Adzo, I am 27 years old, and now I have been tied to a better half. He is so kind, considerate, charming and humble. He is the kind of man most women might want to hitchhike, but now it is not, this situation is not bad for him. Although he was very friendly and dazzling, he never allowed to enter his room. We can play and talk around the house, but he will never allow me to enter his room, just enter my room and get up on the first day.

This has been proceeding for a long time. 

He can never lay his hands on me regardless, when I have slapped him twice, he would perhaps keep very when I am incensed and he has never had a closeness with me. 

At whatever point I make impels towards him, he would find motivation to push me aside. 

He is engaging and rich, he gives all I need anyway he is yet jobless he just goes out on Sunday, which is to go to network social events and would never give me a conventional response at whatever point I asked him the reason behind what reason he does this. 

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Most events when I quit discussion with him considering these is odd characters he would keep importuning me to the extent that he even bought an unblemished vehicle for me just for me to pardon him promising he would uncover to me later anyway without a lot of any outcome. I had once endeavored to go out yet he stooped down and was begging me with tears in his eyes.

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