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Must women propose to men?

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This has been a very tough question over years when it comes to whom is to go forward to propose when it comes to love matters.

In our era, men tends to propose most when it comes to relationship matters so due to that matter it is normal when a man approach woman and later propose which leads to marriage sometimes. On the other hand,we have some kind of impression about women who have the vim and vigor to go forward and express their feeling.

I know a woman who is seriously in love with a guy but because she is coy and aside that she has an impression that this may think she is cheap.This why we are asking that must women propose to men?well,I would say yes it is no where in the Bible that it is a sin for women to propose to men though it is a man who is given the authority to be the head of the family.

Someone might also say it is wrong,yes each and everyone of us has their own point of view and how they see things so they might say maybe no and that is absolutely good.

We would love know your thoughts and views on this dear beautiful ladies and gentlemen worldwide, please share your views with us in the comment section.

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Top Comments
Cocoabrownnews.com · 07/2/2020
She badly wanted me to be her guy
Cocoabrownnews.com · 07/2/2020
I once had that experience buh I turned it down
Cocoabrownnews.com · 06/27/2020
Proposals are relative
Cocoabrownnews.com · 06/27/2020
It depends

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