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Strange things women do in the kitchen when nobody is watching

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At whatever point they state after the fallen angel, one should fear ladies. They can do extremely tricky things, things you never thought they are prepared to do. A child rearing discussion asked the ladies in the gathering the things they do while in the kitchen when they are distant from everyone else, and the reactions were both silly and stunning. In any case, what is more bizarre, is that that most ladies concurred that they do these things when alone. These are a portion of the things they do when no one is viewing. A few entries have been made an interpretation of and rephrased to include greater lucidity: 

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1. Utilize the dish material to rapidly wipe spilt water on the floor 

2. Wipe spoons on the dresses or garments they are wearing, or the leso they have tied around their midsections before taking them to the table. Lick the porridge from the sides of the cup in the event that it happens to spill before serving it to individuals 

3. Drink water directly from the container and supplant it among the perfect utensils when no one is viewing. Spot cups and glasses they have smashed water with clean utensils. 

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4. When serving meat stew, shroud a couple under the ugali, and cause it to appear as though there are just three pieces in the plate. 

5. Utilize the floor mop to rapidly wipe the table rather than the decorative spread, you can likewise 'clear' the table when clearing the floor 

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6. Taste water/juice before serving visitors 

7. Use window ornaments in the kitchen to wipe your hands rather than the hand towel 

8. When visiting, profess to be full at that point eat a greater amount of the food while doing the dishes 

9. In the event that you neighbor's child goes to your home with cake, or a succulent bite, occupy them with kid's shows and eat the bite 

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10. Leave a little milk in the bundle to drink when no one is observing 

11. Wash the pot in the washroom sink if the kitchen sink is loaded up with messy utensils 

12. On the off chance that the food in the pot isn't unreasonably a lot, eat directly from the pot as opposed to making different utensils filthy 

13. At the point when you blend juice and there is no one around taste it directly from the container 

14. Is you detect an attractive bit of meat in the pot simply dunk your turn in the stew and pick it 

15. Take a bit of ugali and clean the sufuria you cooked stew in 

16. Lick the cooking stick when preparing to taste the food 

17. Subsequent to cooking porridge, lick it clean with the fingers before pouring water in it to douse it 

18. On the off chance that a visitor leaves bits of meat in the plate, eat them all! 

19. On the off chance that the ugali adheres to the pot significantly in the wake of dousing, clean it off with a brush 

20. While sulking, wipe the TV with the mop you have been utilizing. There is just no an ideal opportunity to proceed to get the best possible mop. 

21. The main chapati is carefully for tasting and testing whether the container is sufficiently hot. It ought not be blended in with the rest. 

22. Woven transporter packs make for extraordinary utensils scouring cushions 

23. Utilize the grater to scour broke heels

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