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I saw late Bishop Bernard Nyarko in my Dream and he was not happy- Ophelia Afia Asante reveals

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A lady whose name is called Ophelia Afia Asante who is a worker at ultimate paradise has revealed a shocking dream she had about Bishop Bernard Nyarko. In an interview with Zion Felix on Zion Felix uncut the lady who hails from Assin Fosu said that it was 4 years ago she saw Bishop Bernard Nyarko in her hometown and they came there to shoot a movie. she explained that it was the first time she saw the late actor in person when he was alive. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She moved on by saying that she always dream and it is a gift that God has giving to her and for that matter she sees a lot of things about people in her dreams and as a result of that her pastor doesn't take her for granted. She added that dreams are very important because it is a channel that God talk to every human being and direct us so we don't fall for everything. Ophelia in her explanation of dreams also said that it is a channel God answer our prayers which makes it imperative for everyone to dream. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Ophelia Afia Asante in his narration of her dream about Bishop Bernard Nyarko said that on Friday since she is a Friday born she normally fast and pray which she did from six (6) to (6). She said that when she slept she dreamed of Bishop Nyarko and in the dream he (Bishop Bernard Nyarko) had dressed as a man travelling with his luggage and in the dream she saw him afar off so she became terrified in the dream because she knew that he was dead and for that matter she never thought of seeing him. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Ophelia continued with her narration that when Bishop Bernard Nyarko started getting closer to her she started shouting because she was afraid in the dream and some people who were standing with her in the dream thought that she was mad since she was the only one who was able to see Bishop Bernard Nyarko in the dream. When Bishop Bernard Nyarko finally get closer to me she said he told her to keep quite and he pass by her to enter into a certain house which looks like his family house. Nobody was able to see him in his family house as well and he said that its because they don't have the spiritual eyes to see him that's why they can't see him. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In Ophelia's narration, she then said that Bishop Bernard Nyarko told her that he is very happy to see her because she can see him and not only that he has important message to give to her and deliver it to the people on earth because he has been mandated to deliver the message to the world other wise he will not find a place to rest. Ophelia also said that Bishop Bernard Nyarko said that ever since he died he has never rested but been roaming about on the earth looking for someone to deliver the message to. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He finally sat down with Ophelia in front of his family house and begin to tell her that she should tell the people of the earth they should not put all their heart in the riches of the world because it's not all that important since it is not used at where he is. He continued by saying that if you have it there is nothing wrong with it but we shouldn't let it be the number one thing in our life on the earth. But the number one thing we should pursue all the days of our life is the word of God. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The late Bishop Bernard Nyarko also said in the dream that there are a lot of work that God does not approve of it and Ophelia said she ask him as to what work God does not approved of it then he answered by saying that Acting, Pubs, Clubs, Hair dressing, Pedicure and Manicure, and a lot of them are all not approved by God. He finally said that he should deliver the message to Ghanaians to know everything he has told her so that those who are found doing that work will not miss heaven. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Ophelia Afia Asante said that when Bishop had finished the message, he was caught up to heaven in a glorious manner and woke up from her dream. Bishop Bernard Nyarko will be laid to rest this weekend on 27th of June 2020. He will be laid in the state at Lakeside Estate community 5 in Accra where sympathizers are to pay their last respect to him then after that he will be take to his hometown at Obosomase in the Eastern Region of Ghana for the final burial rites.

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GUEST_r6EW57QJk · 06/26/2020
may your soul rest in peace we love you Daddy 😭😭
owusugideon36 · 06/26/2020
woooow that's very inspiring.......... We've heard your message Bishop Nyarko and we will see to it that we do as u say.....we know u are in the heart of God....may you rest in peace till we meet again
+233-024310**** · 06/28/2020
pls let us be serious with god words
GUEST_rp9noyZZm · 06/27/2020
hmmmmmmm may he rest in PP

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