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Joyce Blessing Finally Gets Custody Of Her Three Children - Flaunts Them In New Photo

BlaYaw355 06/24/2020

Sensational gospel singer Joyce Blessing has finally gets custody of her three children as she flaunts them to the world and they are indeed beautiful.

Unbreakable hitmaker Joyce Blessing has shown the world a lovely children photo and it is stunning.

The singer is captured with her with their three sons who were with their Aunty.

All three boys look alike, and would be mistaken for triplet but for their age difference.

They are all handsome and took after their mother since all three have their mother’s complexion.

Despite their young ages, Joyce Blessing gave them to their Aunty all in the name of she was busy but unfortunately for her during her divorce brouhaha, she wanted the custody of her biological children but it became something else.

But from the new picture shared on her new Instagram account it’s obvious the gospel singer has finally got custody of her children.

See the three handsome sons of the gospel singer below..

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Source: opera.com
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+233-24315**** · 06/26/2020
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That's good to hear
+233-055752**** · 06/25/2020
AMEN ooo Sister am very happy for you, may God help you build your family again

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